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B12 Injections

We offer $20 B12 injections for all our clients. Click here to schedule yours today!

Lipo “Skinny Shot” Injections

This injection features an amazing weight loss benefit, while also helping the body to naturally metabolize! It’s wonderful for those looking to start a more holistic approach to weight loss, or even for those currently on any medically overseen weight loss injection. Struggling with muscle loss or sagging skin during your weight loss journey? Our clients HIGHLY recommend this injection for its muscle-rebuilding component: L-Carnitine! Click here to schedule yours today! *Ask about our 12 week injection program with our Lipo Injections!

+Glutathione Injections

You’re able to receive this amazing and vital nutrient in multiple ways. We can add it to an IV that you’re already receiving, or as a standalone injection!

Tri-Immune Boost Injections

This is a powerful injection, composed of 3 major VITAL nutrients to help the body in over 30+ many ways! Click here to schedule yours today.